capneo stands for fractional equity ownership of real estate investments

Explore exclusive investment opportunities through capneo’s real estate portfolio. We enable fractional investments in real estate, which lowers the entry barrier to exclusive deals and simultaneously acts as a hedge against inflation.

What does capneo do?

We believe in democratizing exclusive real estate deals by lowering the entry barriers through fractional equity ownership. Essentially, our digital platform gives selected investors access to curated real estate investments that are normally very hard to access. Our exclusive club deals are handpicked, pre-screened, and thus, high-quality investment properties that are not available through public markets, but only to our selected investor base. 

The quality of our deals is greatly dependent on our investor base, and thus, it is in our best interest to only select a closed and verified group of individuals that can access our investments. Therefore, after an appropriation check, in which the customer is verified by our team, we activate the account and give access to our exclusive deals.


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